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About Lvivske

Over 300 years of brewing experience

If you ask a Lviv resident to introduce you to the local beer and cuisine, he will certainly tell you about the brewery that was built in 1715 and is still in operation today. It is older than the famous Guiness. The first Brewery Museum in Ukraine was opened with the assistance of "Lvivske" in 2005 and now there is a modern museum and cultural complex of beer history called "Lvivvarnya".

The "Lvivske" trademark inherited the oldest Ukrainian beer, which was first brewed by monks back in 1715.  Today "Lvivske" has become a part of culture and history of our land, a symbol of eras and pride of the country.  Numerous Lviv proverbs are associated with it: "He who drinks Lvivske beer lives a hundred years" or "Lviv beer- is class".  Lvivske beer changed the face of the city, and numerous restaurants and taverns were opened there, which are still enjoyed by visitors today.

The first beer
of all time

Sightings of beer date back some 6 000 years, when man first started baking bread and drinking milk.  The Sumerians built canals to irrigate the soil and grew cereals on it, and were the first to master the technology of making beer from rye.  The Sumerians threshed grain in stone millstones, poured water over it and added aromatic herbs.

Later, the inhabitants of Babylon came up with the idea of germinating barley.  This was how malt, needed to make beer wort, came into being.  Beer was so popular in Babylonian civilisation that the great king Hammurabi issued a national Beer Code.

The law of the
purity of beer

In medieval Germany, beer experienced its second birth.  At first, the Germans brewed beer that didn't taste too good, because they put everything at hand into it: oak bark, ash leaves, even bull bile.

Finally the right ingredients were found.  It all started with the so-called "hop revolution", which took place around 800 under Charlemagne.  Beer production became a major export item.  So in 1516, Bavaria passed Europe's first beer law, the "Reinheitsgebot", which translates as "the commandment of purity".  The law stipulated that beer could only be brewed from water, barley and hops.

The first
Ukrainian beer

In 1715 Jesuit monks got the permission to build the brewery in the suburbs of Lvov.  Since that time they have been brewing "their own and the best" Lvivske beer.  In Soviet times the brewery was called Kolos and was a powerful beer producer in Ukraine and consisted of 5 breweries of Western Ukraine.
In 1999 the "Lviv brewery" started cooperation with a strategic investor Baltic Beverages Holdiing, which later became a part of Carlsberg. Since then the quality of the products has been adjusted to international standards. Today it is a modern company with the latest production technologies, one of the largest enterprises in the beer market and the undisputed leader in the Western region. 
In 2005 the "Lviv brewert founded the first Brewery Museum on its terriroty maintaining the old European and authentic Ukrainian traditions. Lviv brewers have created a unique world of amber hop drink with an exclusive collenction of exhibits.

Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your health