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About the museum

A monument of Lviv brewing traditions

History of the Museum

One of the most important pages in the history of beer in Western Ukraine was the appearance of the first industrial brewery in 1715, which laid the foundation for the culture of this drink consumption as a tradition in Lviv.

It became one of the largest beer producers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and soon it joined the top three breweries, increasing the number of connoisseurs of the best taste and brewing technology.


The interactive exhibits in the museum offer visitors the unique opportunity to experience the history of brewing for one day, not just in words, but by experiencing it for themselves during an entertaining guided tour.


On the first floor of the exhibition, you can watch brewing in vats and look at and even taste the ingredients that go into brewing beer.

There are more than 1000 exhibits in the Brewery Museum alone, which will tell you about the legends of brewing and immerse you in the atmosphere of making new recipes and finding the perfect taste.


And to complete the impression of what you have seen in the space of the Museum of Brewing in Lviv, every visitor is offered to taste the set.

It consists of 4 basic beers developed by the best brewers and experts in their field, and we suggest you complement it with a set of seasonal novelties and snacks.